Is having a disability different from being disabled?

The dictionary defines ‘disabled’ as incapacitated  by illness, injury or wounds; whereas ‘disability’ is defined as to make unable to perform by or as if  illness, injury, or malfunction.

Actually, I had never considered the difference between the two words nor had I ever considered myself ‘disabled.’  I do have a disability that makes me unable to perform certain tasks; although after looking up the definitions of the two words, I don’t think I would ever consider myself as being disabled.

That being said, most of my MS symptoms are the kind that you can’t really see, except that my right leg drags a little.  Those of you with MS that have to live in a wheelchair or scooter, or those who can’t leave the bed or the house due to your symptoms would most likely consider yourself to be disabled (I know I would!).

If you have Relapsing/Remitting MS, as I do, you know that MS is considered an ‘Invisible Disease’ (the “But You Look So Good” syndrome).  A lot of us suffer symptoms such as nerve pain, cognitive issues, fatigue, mood swings, depressions, vision problems, etc that people can’t SEE and it can be awfully hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have MS how hard it is to live every day of your life with this.  Never knowing from one day to another what that day is going to be like… will it be a good day, a bad day, or a so-so day?

So… do those of you with MS consider yourself as having a disability or being disabled?

May God bless you!!    Valerie


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I'm learning to live My Life with Love, Grace, and Hope.
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