Just Another Day

What a day!! 

Had to get up very very early because we were having the carpets cleaned today and they were coming between 7a and 9a.  We moved everything out of the living room except the TV and bookcases.  He came at 8a and was done by 9a.  Looks very good but was also very wet and we were told to wait 24 hours before putting anything back on the carpet. WHAT???   I can’t stand having everything out of place, so I left…

And went to Bible study at 9:30a.  We are studying our way through the Psalms.  Today we studied psalm 147 & 150 learning thoughtful ways to praise God for everything he does.

Then I picked up my BFF Mary Beth and we drove down to Bradley so that I could sign a release form to be abe to change pain doctors.  I want to coordinate the dr appt with my monthly IV every 4th Wednesday.  We’ll see…

Then I came home to a really cold house with all the ceiling fans and floor fans going full blast to dry the carpet.  Luckily it was dry enough for us to put everything back and all is right with my world again! LOL

That was my day.  How was yours?


About vjwebb59

I'm learning to live My Life with Love, Grace, and Hope.
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