The Best Days

I had one of the best days yesterday! 

I started the day by teaching seven girls in my Sunday School class of 6-8th graders.  What a blast!  We are learning about Women in the Bible and yesterday we learned about Sarah.  After the lesson, we go through a form I prepare asking questions like 1) What book of the bible can we find the story of Sarah?  2) What were the highlights of Sarah’s life?  3) What can we learn, as women, from Sarah’s life? etc.  At the end of the hour, we light three candles, hold hands, pray, and then we all blow out the candles.  It’s a little ritual which they all love to do.  They are keeping all of the info on the women we learn about and we will make a scrapbook at the end of the SS year.

After that I headed to my BFF’s house and we started a new crochet project of a Ripple baby afghan together.  We got a little crocheting started and then I actually drank one of her special smoothies that she drinks and includes banana, pineapple, coconut and spinach leaves.  It’s defintely green but it wasn’t really that bad – you couldn’t taste the spinach in it.  Not that I don’t like spinach, but I’d rather have it in a salad!

Then Bill called and said supper would be ready when I got home.  He had put chicken breasts and barbeque sauce in the slow cooker.  It was a good meal, as usual!

I got home in time to watch Tiger Woods win the Arnold Palmer Classic.  I watch golf because I miss playing it soooo much!

Then I sat, watched a few recorded programs, worked on my Mystery Crochet-Along square for the week, read on my Kindle, then went to bed.

For me… that’s a great day!!

What’s your Best Day???


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I'm learning to live My Life with Love, Grace, and Hope.
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